Auto Paint Repair in Hinton, WV

Painting car with paint gun

Change the Appearance of Your Vehicle With Fresh Coat of Paint

The condition of the paint on your vehicle can make a big difference with its appearance. A fresh coat of paint could be what your car needs to make it look brand new again. Are there any dents, nicks, or other damage to the outside of your car? Let us know and we will repair them while we restore the paint color of your vehicle. Gore’s Autobody has the experience and skill to repair the paint on any make or model of vehicle. We can take paint that is chipped, scratched or just dull and restore it back to its original appearance or even better. While your vehicle is in our care at Gore’s Autobody, we treat it as though it were our own.

No Paint Job is Too Big or Small for Gore’s Autobody in Hinton, WV

At Gore’s Autobody in Hinton, WV, we provide our paint repair services to all vehicle owners in the area. We can restore the paint color of your vehicle with high quality and professional workmanship. The technicians at Gore’s Autobody pay attention to every detail when adding a new coat of paint to your vehicle for a finished result that is flawless. All of our paint repair work is done as quickly possible to get you back on the road fast. Gore’s Autobody is honesty and upfront about our prices. Before we begin any work on your car, we will give you an accurate estimate. For the technicians at Gore’s Autobody no paint repair job is too big or small.

Gore’s Auto Body Paint Repair Services Include:

  • -Paint stripping
  • -Body structural repair or replacement
  • -Exterior paint refinishing
  • -Interior paint refinishing
  • – Wet sanding and buffing of exterior paint
  • – Ask about our custom paint options.
  • -Steam cleaning
  • -Sand blasting and glass beading
  • -Detailing
  • -Buffing and waxing